The 572 or 588 is a much better street setup than a 605-636. ... I do like Indy cylinder heads but I prefer the Indy legend series heads- I'm.... Jul 3, 2013 Modern Cylinder Head, Scott Brown, Best Machine, Koeffels, ... 605" Koffels Motor with KB Aluminum Block and B-1 heads, CFE Sheet Metal Intake 2-4's. ... power, but that is an Indy specific bore space and requires their block. Clevite. Main Bearing Set. Comp Cams. Custom Grind Billet Roller Camshaft. Ferrea Racing Components .... Indy Cylinder Heads Harmonic Crank Balancer for Indy Street BBM & Hemi Engines. This came off of my Indy 605 Street Legend Engine. It has only 89 miles on it,.... The engine is a Indy Cylinder Head all aluminum block 605 CI HEMI that make 886 HP and 802 Ft. Lbs. torque on the dyno. The engine features a 4.50 bore and.... Sep 18, 2008 The car features a 605 CI Aluminum Block Indy Cylinder Head Hemi power plant turning out 886 Horsepower! All the drive components are.... Jun 10, 2007 990 Perfect condition I paid over 1300.00 new from Indy Cylinder Head. Will give away for 300.00 buyer pays shipping call anytime 330 628... 538a28228e










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